Intercultural aspects

Name of module

Communication and Negotiation Across Cultures

Target group(s)

Students of Economics, Social Sciences and Business Administration

Level (Bachelor, Master)


Years of study


Required knowledge

Intermediate Business English

Number of hours (total, % of face-to-face)

60 (50%)

Credits granted


Learning objective(s)

  • To sensitize students with regard to issues of intercultural competence
  • To provide students with basic insights into negotiation techniques
  • To heighten awareness of cultural aspects in negotiation
  • To train students in the language of negotiation


1. Intercultural awareness (1)

    1.1 Cultural stereotypes – dos and don’ts

    1.2 Awareness of own culture – a multicultural self

    1.3 Description, interpretation and evaluation

    1.4 Stages of intercultural sensitivity

    1.5 Limitation to the strategy of adaptation

2. Intercultural awareness (2)

    2.1  Adapting to different contexts – from private to business

    • Key competences
    • Cultural meanings of language

3. Negotiation techniques – a short introduction

    3.1 An intercultural introduction to negotiation

    3.2 Negotiating Harvard-style – 4 rules for successful negotiation

    3.3 Undermining hostile tactics

    3.4 Negotiating in English

4. Negotiating in an extended role-play setting

Teaching methods

  • Lectures – lectures covering the different aspects of the subject;
  • slides, multimedia presentation, films
  • Group work – solution of given tasks and examples during classes
  • Discussions –  discussion focused on solving given problems
  • Questionnaires – profiling own culture and testing other cultures
  • Role play – simulating the negotiation of Turkey’s accession into EU

Material, sources, literature

  •; Teaching the EU to Europeans, Fuchs & van der Hout
  • Deresky, H. (2000), International management – managing across borders and cultures, Upper Saddle River
  • Fisher, R., Ury, W., Patton, B. (1981), The Harvard Negotiation Project, Boston, Mass.
  • Heller, R., Hindle, T. (1998), Essential Manager’s Manual, London
  • Kiesel, M., Ulsamer, R. (2000), Interkulturelle Kompetenz für Wirtschaftsstudierende, Berlin
  • Kotter, J.P., Heskett, J.L. (1992), Corporate Culture and Performance, New York
  • Weisbach, C.-R. (2000), Verhandeln und Moderieren für Wirtschaftsstudierende, Berlin

Main authors of the module

Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences (FHB): Prof. Dr. Bettina Burger-Menzel, Angela Lloyd

Co-operating authors


Status of work (a) First draft b) Work in progress c) tested and finalised d) published)


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