European Identity

Identity in an enlarged European Union

Target group

Students of economics, social sciences and business administration

Level: Bachelor

Years of study: 2 to 3

Required knowledge

Intermediate English

Number of hours (total, % of face-to-face): 30 (50%)

Credits granted: 2

Learning objectives

  • Gain knowledge of theories on identity in relationship to nationality
  • Be able to reflect on identity and symbols of identity of Europe and the European Union
  • Be able to explore resources on identity related topics in connection to the EU


  • Searching for a supranational identity: what is Europe?
  • questioning levels of personal identity
  • historical overview of the concept “Europe” and a European identity
  • identity as a discourse element: the concept “European” as scalar model
  • Powerpoint presentation: Identity of Europe
  • Corporate identity of the EU
  • Preamble to the Draft Treaty for a Constitution
  • current corporate image
  • enumeration as principle of the EU identity
  • EU as a brand
  • Powerpoint presentation: Corporate identity of the EU
  • How to communicate the EU and its policy?
  • Conclusions of the White Paper on a European Communication Policy
  • Reflecting consequences of the White Paper

Teaching methods

  • Interactive lecturing aided by powerpoint presentation
  • Group work
  • Presentation
  • Plenary discussions
  • Online search

Material, sources, literature

Main author of the module

HONIM, Brussels, Hans Denruyter

Co-operating authors


Status of work (a) First draft b) Work in progress c) tested and finalised d) published)