Summary of aims

The project deals with the political and economic aspects of European integration with special emphasis on enlargement and the application of Turkey.

“Can Turkey become a member of the EU?” will be asked under different perspectives, including values, culture, economics and society.

Liberalisation of market in Europe as well as solidarity and cultural diversity play a crucial role in shaping the direction of future European development.

The project will provide new teaching material and approaches for undergraduate students from different subjects and backgrounds on an interdisciplinary approach:

  • economics,
  • social and political sciences,
  • law and history

will contribute to a holistic view on challenges and opportunities of European integration.

The results will be new modules and courses, designed according to ECTS rules, that will be established into all participants institutions home teaching activities after the expiration of the sponsored activities.

Two areas of project activities dominate:

  • firstly setting up an encompassing framework integrating different teaching subjects backed by numerous (electronic) materials and
  • secondly providing a “learning environment” for students and teachers where new didactical and pedagogical approaches like role play and case studies as well as new materials can be tested.

All tangible results will be actively distributed not only in the institutions of the participants but also via specialised associations in the field of European studies like “Jean Monnet”, UACES and EUSA.

This website will serve as a shared knowledge base as support of the project partners communication and as means of distribution of results to third parties.